Strength & Spirit


Strength & Spirit invited our community members to come together creatively. while remaining close to home. Participants were asked to decorate unique wooden maple leafs.

The maple leaf symbolizes so much more than Canada. It represents us, the City of Mission, a community filled with strength and spirit. Almost 1000 of Canada’s most iconic symbols are displayed around town and will remain up, over the summer. These collective and creative installations will serve as a legacy of our shared experience during difficult times, showing that we can truly come together. Strength and spirit has helped us all get through one of the most trying times in our country’s history. 


The Strength and Spirit Maple Leafs remind us to continue to be safe and caring for all in our community, as we move forward.

Locations are Kinsmen Park West, Kinsmen Park East, Centennial Park and the Mission Leisure Centre fence on 7th.